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Reaching goals in life isn’t easy, inexpensive, or as simple as we would like, especially when infrastructure is involved. It does not take much more than a shovel in the ground before permits are required along with the scrutiny of regulatory agencies, neighbors, environmental watchdogs, etc. Suddenly the existing must be made code compliant and new items added regarding stormwater management, roadways, utilities, pedestrian pathways, zoning, right-of-way dedications, parking, wetlands, and so much more. Wilmore Engineering was created to successfully guide your journey through the gauntlet of potential pitfalls, objections, and delays from concept planning through post construction.

We opened for business not just to do projects, but to use our infrastructure expertise and engineering to help clients achieve their dreams. We are professionals who answer your call and look out for our client’s interests. Professionals who are straightforward, who face challenges head-on, who adhere to ethical standards, who provide and expect respect in all we do.

Wilmore Engineering, LLC is a civil engineering consulting firm that specializes in transportation, water resources, and site development improvements, restorations, and problem resolutions. Click here for a list of our services We are flexible enough to work for a broad spectrum of clients and roles. In an age of multi-discipline teams needed due to complex regulatory environment; we can serve as either primes or sub-consultants since our focus is on the client.

Our staff consists of experts who stay current with the never ending technical and regulatory changes. However, they offer a wider perspective being active members of the community and professional societies. Our technical and legal knowledge is only valid, when it is put to use with bringing the clients dreams into reality.

Feel free to visit the pages of our web site for more information. Better still; contact us to arrange a meeting to see what we might do for you. After all, we know that no website, no brochure, no piece of paper can represent ourselves as well as we can in person.

a major Transportation Highway in Maryland near Washington DC
Development Stormwater Management Wet Pond and Riser in Montgomery County Maryland
Civil Designed and Landscaped Recreational Park and Ball Field in Carroll County Maryland